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· ME1 decisions page updated.

· Spending much of my time today preparing for tomorrow’s move.  Big day coming up!



· Sorry about the lack of updates yesterday, I had some personal and work stuff to do at night and didn’t get a chance to work on the site.  At least 3 new Shepards coming later today.  I also still have some emails to answer that I will get to.

· Okogawa has sent in a link to a guide he’s written to using gibbed’s savegame editor.  You’ll find the link in the mods section.

· I want to thank everyone who’s sent in donations to help with the site.  I’ll be using the donations so far to upgrade my plan with my hosting provider so hopefully we won’t run into bandwidth issues again. 

· New Shepards tonight: MP/N, FR/K, MP/A

· Hey have you checked out the State of the Site Address?




· Hal Shepard’s (MM/A) download links fixed.

· Got a request from someone via Twitter for partially-completed ME1 save.  Click here to see his request.  Please note after the site relaunch this weekend I’m going to be working on an automated reader-request page!

· Some answers in the FAQ were out of date, so it was updated.




· New Shepards tonight: MP/L/60, two FP/L.  Apparently yesterday we hit 100!  So now, 103!

· Split MP/L into level 60’s and below level 60’s.

· Another choice added to the ME1 decisions page.




· Fixed the link to dogkisser’s ammo mod (apparently I am not good at the internet) and added contact info for gibbed’s savegame editor both on the mod page.

· Rachel #2 is back up with working files.

· List of Mass Effect 1 decisions that carry over to Mass Effect 2 page created.

· At least 5 new Shepards up tonight!


· Evening Shepard Update: one FR/K, one MM/A, two MP/L, one MR/A

· Male Mixed Alignments split into romance options

· Rachel #2 (FM) updated with different council alive/dead options

· Front page redesigned a bit for easier link-finding.




· New Sheps today: One FR, one MP/A, one MR

· Rachel #2 (FM) has been removed for corrupt save files.  Daniel Shepard moved from MP/N to MP/L per email from someone who used the Shepard.  Lianna Shepard moved from FP/N to FP/K per submitter.  It looks like if you get the scene where the Romance option comes into your quarters before Ilos, that does count as a completed romance, even if you choose not to sleep with them.  This probably affects more No-Romances files here than just these two.

· Male and Female Renegades split up into Romance categories.  Turns out we have NO Male Renegades who romanced Liara, and only one for No romance.  Please consider submitting your saves if you have either of these types of files.  Thanks! :)

· Renaming page updated with two new renaming process options.




· Reminder: There will be no evening updates tonight, I won’t be home!  Here’s the current bandwidth state, I expect traffic will continue to decline, so everything should be fine.  I do have an emergency procedure in place in case something does happen, though. (Goons: please alert Count Choculitis or RoryGilmore if you see the site go down today.)

· Was alerted by a reader that Jane #4 (FP/N) had two different files for council alive/dead and the names were switched around.  If you downloaded her, you may have the wrong ending for the council.  I’ve switched these around.

· Chalfon Shepard updated with new Saving Council files.

· New Shepards today: One FM, One FR, One FP/L, and one MP/A.  That would be 93 Shepards on the site now!

· The Submission page has been update with more info on how I need saves sent in to me to help me get them up on the site easier and quicker.

· FAQ has been updated. If you’ve submitted a Shepard, you may want to check it out, there’s an issue there I’d like feedback on.




· Was alerted that I had put Chalfon Shepard in the wrong category.  Huge apologies to anyone who downloaded him and found an Ashley romance instead of Liara.  I’ve moved him to the right place.

· NEW PAGES ADDED: Mods List Page and mods list submission page!  I can’t host mods right now but if you have one you’d like listed, See the submission page and I’ll link it here!  Please note I cannot provide support for these mods, please contact their makers if you’d like to ask questions, give comments or support.

· Very much less important new page added, News Archive.  Link at the bottom of the page if anybody really cares what happened at the site in the past.

· No time this morning to update new Sheps, sorry guys.  Will get them all up tonight.

· As of 8am/c this morning we’re at 89% bandwidth,  I bought some extra monthly bandwidth from my hosting provider, so it should no longer be an issue.

· Also, we had a small downtime sometime overnight.  That was the hosting provider putting into place a solution to a root cause of other downtime earlier this week.  Hopefully should be more stable now.


· Evening Update (It’s a big one) Valen Shepard (FP/K) has been updated to level 60. Chalfon Shepard (MP/A) updated with different Save/Kill Anderson/Udina save options.  Joanna Shepard’s (FP/L) link was wrong, I have updated her download link to the correct link.

· New Shepards: One FM, two FP/L, one MR, a new FP/K, one FR, one MP/A, one FP/N.  Is that 89 Shepards?  I’m starting to lose count!

· Special huge thanks to my buddy Adonro for formatting the rundowns of new characters for me this afternoon and saving me lots of time :)  You rule!

· Import page has been updated with some instructions for people who may be having problems with ME2 finding their ME1 saves, sent in to me by someone.

· Another New Page: How to rename your new Shepard




· Eight new Shepards today: two FP/L, four MP/L, One MM, One FR.  78 Shepards total now!

· Will be splitting up even further both Paragon Liara Romance pages by who was saved on Virmire, and both Renegade pages by Romantic Interest soon. (Maybe tonight.)

· Bandwidth: Starting to cut it close. Yesterday was huge thanks to links from 3 pretty major sites. (I’m not complaining. :) ) 

· I have a few (non-update) unanswered emails still, I will get to those ASAP, sorry guys, so busy!


· Evening update: New MP/L, two MM, 81 Shepards!  I have a couple more that are going to require more work than I have time to do right now, will try to get those up tomorrow.

· FAQ updated again.  Hope to soon have a walkthrough of changing a Shepard’s name up!

· Bandwidth: Usage went down for the first time!  Let’s see if tomorrow’s Aussie launch sends things back up.  Can 20% last 3 more days?  If anyone sees the site newly linked in another major publication (like Penny Arcade, IGN, Reddit and already have) please IM or email me so I can be sure to be ready with bandwidth.  Thanks!

· I’ve updated the Submission page with a few requirements.  We’ve gotten in SO MANY Shepards that I think we need to start looking for more unique things. I  love all the submissions we get, but higher level Sheps get a lot more downloads than lower levels, and we’re pretty saturated in Paragon Liara Lovers of both genders.

· Quick update on the site redesign: It’s coming along nicely!   We’ve got a few pages working well in a test environment and they look AMAZING!  Sunday I am going to be working on redefining the directory structure for (since I thought I was going to get about 12 saves, I’ve been just dumping everything right in, moving all non-zipped files into .zips and getting all the current submissions linked correctly for the new pages.  It’s going to be a huge job and I don’t know if I can get it all done Sunday, but I’m going to try.  Hoping the new site will launch sometime next week.

· Related to the above: Saturday I have a full day of stuff planned for real life (Ok well, mostly I’ll be playing D&D, but that’s with real people!)  I am not going to do any Shepard updates on Saturday, it’s going to be my vacation day from the site.  I’ll be away from email and IM all day.  Last thing for the day: I had a few people IM me overnight last night.  I didn’t get to respond to a lot of them so I left the windows open so I could try again when I got home tonight.  Think I lost power briefly in the house because my computer had rebooted when I got home.  Please re-IM me or email me if you still had questions or something to share!  Thanks!




· Bandwidth update!  We’ve used almost 50%, Still thinking I’ll be OK for the month.  Except now that I’ve been linked by PA… oh God maybe I should go get more bandwidth.

· Morning update, it’s all about the men today: 6 new Shepards, One MP/A, one MR, two MM, two MP/L.  Working on the rest.  We now have uh, one more than 68 Shepards!

· I almost passed out when I read the front page of Penny-Arcade this morning.  Really glad the site was able to help you out, Tycho. :)  (And everyone else who’s used the site, of course!)

· Media Mentions page created.

· Starting using .zip format for all new Shepards who have more than 1 file.


· 7:30pm Update.  Look what you did, Tycho, ve3d.ign and TotalPCGaming!

· FAQ updated.

· Only one new Shepard tonight, a Male Paragon romancing Ashley!   An even 70 Shepards now!




· Happy Release Day for much of the world (or, as I like to call it, Nerd Christmas)!  I’m hoping Amazon has my copy waiting for me when I get home from work tonight!  But, I will update the site before starting my game!

· Added a new level 60 Male Paragon Ashley lover! *Update* 7:30a/c - Added a new Male Mixed Shepard, and new Male Paragon, no Romance! We’re now up to 60 Shepards! 

· Evening Update: Added a new Female Paragon (No Romance), a new Male romancing Liara and a new Male Mixed alignment.  63 Shepards now!

· 7pm Bandwidth update: Still doing surprisingly well!

· I want you guys to know there is a site redesign in the works, by someone who actually knows what they’re doing (obviously not me :) ).  The site will relaunch in a few days at (which, as of right now, redirects to this page.)  I just saw the first draft of the front page and it’s AMAZING.  You won’t believe it’s the same site.  I’ll keep everyone updated as this develops.

· That’s it for today, I just got my the game installed and all my DLC downloaded so I’m off to play until I pass out!  If you find something terribly wrong on the site tonight, IM me, I might answer. :)




· Bandwidth update 7pm/c: Still doing okay!  I’m sure tonight and tomorrow it’ll go nuts. I’m keeping an eye on it.

· New Shepard Update: I’ve gotten a new Female Renegade up. (Level 60 without using cheat codes!)  Update 10:00pm/c - Got a new Male Renegade Shepard, Male Paragon romancing Ashley and another with no romance, another Female Renegade and a Male Paragon romancing Liara!  57 Shepards now!

· Have decided to ask people to use for their character code submissions, I think that’s going to end up being better than anything I could do.

· By suggestion, added some keywords to this site, so hopefully it’ll be easier to find once Google gets it updated. *update 9:30pm Central* It looks like the site is making it to the front page of a lot of related Google searches. Yay!

· So I’ve already been asked a couple of times if I’m going to do this for ME2 saves for ME3.  Obviously I can’t see 2 years into the future, but yes, it’s my intention to do so.  I’ll probably start taking saves somewhere around July of 2011 or whenever it’s a 3 - 6 months before release date of ME3. :)

· Minor updates to the FAQ and the Send in pages.




· Eleven new Shepards added:  Five Female Paragon, one Female Mixed, One Male Paragon / Ashley, two Male Paragon / Liara and a Male Mixed.  51 Shepards now!

· By suggestion via email, I have updated every Shepard with the date they were added so it will be easier to see exactly what files are new.

· Female Paragons split into 3 categories by Romance option.

· I have moved much of the info that was on this page into the FAQ.  Please check it out!  If you have any suggestions for questions to be answered in the FAQ (that are not spoilery to ME2) Email / IM me please!

· I bought the domain  Once it’s set up, it will redirect to this page (coming soon!)




· Twelve new Shepards added today! Three Female Paragon, One Female Renegade, One Female Mixed, Six Male Paragon and a Male Renegade added.  Total of 40 Shepards now!

· I have a request from someone who wrote in asking if someone with a legal copy of the game could send in any save file from very early of ME2 (not 1).  Please send that in if you’ve got it.  Thanks!

· Because of the large number of Male Paragons, split MPS into sub-categories by romance option.

· Have started assigning numbers to characters with the same name (We have 8 John Shepards now!)

· I’m overwhelmed by the response to the site!  You guys rock, thanks for sending in your saves and for all the nice emails you’ve sent and message board posts out there. :3  I’m seriously in awe at how big this thing has gotten!

· A couple of people have emailed and IM’d asking about donating for bandwidth costs. As of 11pm tonight I’ve used only 9% of my monthly usage.  I expect things to spike for the next week, but I think I’ll be okay.  If I feel like I need more bandwidth, I’ll say something if things get really out of hand. I REALLY appreciate the offers!  Oh Internet, look what you did to traffic to my crappy little personal site!




· Toad Shepard (Male Paragon) has been updated with new files. 

· SEVEN brand new Shepards have been added today!  A new save was added to EVERY category. We now have 28 Shepards! :)

· Split the Mixed Alignment Shepards page into Male / Female Mixed pages.

· Did a bunch of various upgrades to this page and the send-in page.  Hey look everybody, colors!

· Import walkthrough written by Hentai Tentacle Demon page created!



1/21/10 - Twenty One Shepards up now!


1/19/10 - Here is a video about importing Shepards in ME2.  Doesn’t really explain what exactly you need, but it’s something.


1/18/10 - Six new Shepards today, including Arnold Shepard himself (Male Renegade).  Thanks everyone!


1/17/10 - Created new and exciting “Mixed Alignment Shepards” Category.  Also, we have now have a dozen Shepards! 


1/12/10 - Site created!