Hey friends, it's been awhile.

Today I went and did a big save file approval push. Umm... the first since 6/17/2014. Sorry about that. Time flies! But, if you filled out the save submit correctly in the last two and a half years, your Shepard should be posted. If you didn't do the text box correctly, it was deleted.

Probably about 30 new ME1 and 50 new ME2 saves were approved. Feel free to continue to submit, but again, it might be another year or two til I get around to approving more saves.

I also checked the email address for the site for the first time since then. It was mostly spam, and just a few things from the last year that I responded to. I'm sorry if I didn't respond to your email, most of the things I should have responded to were years old and probably not relevant. If you really need to get ahold of me, try @annakie on twitter.

So, really, what's up with ME3saves and Andromeda?
Well, we know enough about the story of Andromeda now to know that whatever you did in ME1/ME2/ME3 is probably not going to affect the story of Andromeda at all. There has been very little from Bioware about the state of save importing, but what we have heard basically makes it sound like ME3 --> Andromeda save importing won't be a thing.

It's possible that there will be importing from Andromeda to Andromeda 2, if Andromeda 2 becomes a thing. At that time, we can look and see if this site will be useful at all. However, with the success that was the Dragon Age Keep system, plus Gibbed's tools always getting more and more advanced, I'm skeptical if this saves format of a website will continue to be useful.

So, for right now, ME3saves isn't updated, still. I'm not sure if it will, again, because I don't have anyone willing to make the database for me and I'm not a coder. HOWEVER, ME1 and ME2 saves will continue to stay up and available for the forseeable future. It's only costing me the price of the domain renewals + yearly hosting, and not generating enough traffic for me to have to have an expensive hosting package. With the ads, it's actually just barely paying for itself, even last year at its lowest revenue ever. (It's so low I probably won't have to pay taxes on it, let's put it that way. :) )

PC players, Nexusmods now has sections for all 3 ME games with a lot of great mods there. I highly recommend you go there for your mods needs now that Bioware shut theirs down. Some of the stuff I host here is still useful, and not on Nexusmods though. Just sayin'. I wrote a blog post over here with some recommendations which will completely refresh your ME3 game. Hope this helps!

I'm looking forward to Andromeda! Sorry I haven't taken as much care here as I could have, but I hope the site is still useful for you and will be for years to come.


**UPDATE 6/17/14**
Yes, I'm still around. :D

The site was down for several hours last night because someone somewhere posted the Kabuto the Python N7 EP download link from this site somewhere and it had over 1800 downloads in a few hours, which sucked up over 250 gigs of bandwidth. My provider locked me out for a few hours, but it's all fixed now. I removed the download link for now, I will likely put it back up later. However, if you'd like to download the Kabuto the Python N7 EP, please do so here. Thanks!

Another update, I finally did the backlog of ME1 and ME2 save approvals. So there's around 50 new Shepards for each game out there now. I kind of slacked on the strict formatting requirements because I didn't feel like spending a few hours updating the formatting. Anyone who followed the format requests decently got approved. For those who entered text, probably about 85% were approved and posted. Thanks to everyone who submitted saves!

And last, what is up with Well here's the thing. My friend who coded the databases for ME1 and ME2 is too busy with his 3 kids and important job to do ME3 saves. I, however, cannot afford to hire someone else to do it who wouldn't accept a paltry sum for such a thing. My friend tells me it's not hard, just a bit time consuming. I'm just kind of stuck, not knowing what to do about it. I want to get it up and running, but I'd need to find someone I trust to do so and haven't yet. So it's been sitting there for an unacceptable amount of time. I'm going to put some thought and effort into it soon. Sorry it's taken this long.

I'll try to post an update again before another year and a half goes by. :)

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* Have you checked out Kabuto the Python's all Mass Effect album, The N7 EP yet? DOWNLOAD IT HERE (backup link) because it awesome and you won't regret it.
(You should be aware that this album contains mature themes and NSFW language.)
* Both Mass Effect Coloring and Activity books can still be downloaded from the Something Awful MESS page!
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Nov. 4, 2012
Okay, I know I haven't been around in forever, sorry but here is some REALLY HUGE NEWS you guys.
There is now a ME3 HAPPY ENDING MOD (still a WIP) Here's the video showcasing the changes. Only works for PC, sorry console players

Give the creators of this project all your love and support for removing the StarChild and giving the ending a lot of us wanted.

* Here's a post on how to fix your ME2 to ME3 facecode issues.
* If you're trying to reinstall ME1 and are having problems with Bring Down the Sky, check this post out.

* Hey did you hate the endings of Mass Effect 3 as much as I did? Consider joining this Facebook Page and/or following their Twitter to get organized into asking Bioware for DLC with better endings!

* Most updates have been happening over on as I have been struggling to keep up with everything there.
* In the last couple of days we've been mentioned by The Escapist, Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun and more! Check out the Media Mentions Page under the 2012 mentions for more!

* EA Posted this handy ME3 Save Import FAQ which will surely make my life easier in the coming days, and hopefully yours!
* The ME3 Demo and Trailer Screenshots Gallery has been updated with screenshots of a Manshep romancing Ashley and the newest ME3 trailers!
* Also, I got a new video card over the weekend, so of course I replayed the Demo and took even prettier screenshots of a Femshep/Kaidan playthrough. My ME3 screenshots are going to be SO MUCH BETTER than ME2.
* On a related note, I am looking for suggestions for a good photo editing software which is VERY GOOD FOR TAGGING. I need something that made tagging more than an afterthought. Someone please email me with a suggestion. I'm willing to spend $30ish on the software if needed.
* Need some suggestions on keeping busy over the next 3 days til launch? (HOLY CRAP ONLY 3 DAYS TIL LAUNCH OMG!). If you're on tumblr, follow Fuck Yeah, Bioware!, a blog that a couple of friends and I run! :)
* New links on the texture mods page, how to get all the ME1 characters, including Garrus, to have a high-res face without using Texmod, and a high-res texture pack for ME2!

* Bluefall over at the Mass Effect Livejournal Community made this in-depth post about save importing and why even if you import a modded save, you shouldn't have any problems with the ME3 import.
* If you missed yesterday's chat Bioware had with Raphael Sbarge (Kaidan Alenko), you can view it here.
* Adam WarRock released a 5-song Mass Effect themed EP. It's quite excellent, and it features our buddy Kabuto the Python!

* I'm sure you've all seen the Take Back the Earth trailer by now. We've added almost 200 screenshots of the trailer to the the ME3 Screenshot Gallery for you to use for whatever!
* I'm looking for a couple of people with PS3's to help test this out to see if it would be possible and plausible to get some PS3 saves up. I don't own a PS3, so I need a couple of volunteers who are able to follow the instructions in that link, trade saves, and see if this will work for PS3. Or, if anyone knows of an easier way, let me know! Either way, please email
* Last but not least, check out this incredible Mass Effect Fan Film. Well worth your time to watch it! :)

* Thanks @SpadesGT for letting me know that was mentioned on the Rebel FM podcast last week! A link has been added to the Media Mentions page!

* With the release of the ME3 demo today, over 1580 new screenshots have been added to a Mass Effect 3 Demo set in the Screenshots Gallery! These pics so far are of a default Femshep (Sentinel) with Kaidan alive.

* The Xbox360 page has been updated with a link to a page allowing you to convert ME2 PC saves to 360 and vice versa! This is BIG EXCITING news! This means, 360 users, that is now useful for you as well, if you follow the steps in both of the links on the 360 page!
* New link added to the links page - with links to updated versions of gibbed's savegame editor, a display name editor and some interesting posts. Also added updated gibbed's links to the mods page under Tools & Downloads.

* exists, and submitting new Shepards IS FIXED. Please visit and read the front page for important information for Mass Effect 2 Saves!
* Yes, I saw that Bioware is suggesting that we keep our Mass Effect 3 Saves. is also now in my possession. I'd guess that we'll have something up and running for ME3 imports a month or so after ME3 is released.
* I've noticed a few copycat sites opening up taking content from my sites and trying to steal my hits or whatever, all 3 .com domains are mine - none of the others are! We're dealing with the stolen content issues by legal means at this point.

* One new link on the links page, to a site with awesome Mass Effect checklists of both games.
* A couple of new links on the textures page

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