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**UPDATE 3/20/2017** Andromeda Launch Update!
We now know that original trilogy saves do not import into Andromeda. Therefore, the fact that I never got ME3saves up and running isn't much of an issue.

In addition, Bioware has gotten around to doing their own save file system with Mass Effect Archives. It's likely that from here, Bioware will probably do a Dragon Age Keep thing. So, any further Mass Effect Save site would likely be redundant, and that's before if Gibbed gets around to doing his own save tools.

I want to stress again, though, that and WILL stay up for the forseeable future. Like, years. I may not do another update here ever again, but if I don't, I'm still going to keep paying the domain hosting bill as long as people keep visiting the site. I still get about 2500 visitors per day here and 1500 to ME2saves, so if it's still useful, it's staying around.

I did update the FAQ to have 2017 answers instead of 2011, and moved all of the pre-2017 news off this front page to the News Archive

PC players, Nexusmods now has sections for all 3 ME games with a lot of great mods there. I highly recommend you go there for your mods needs now that Bioware shut theirs down. Some of the stuff I host here is still useful, and not on Nexusmods though. Just sayin'. I wrote a blog post over here with some recommendations which will completely refresh your ME3 game. Hope this helps!


Hey friends, it's been awhile.

Today I went and did a big save file approval push. Umm... the first since 6/17/2014. Sorry about that. Time flies! But, if you filled out the save submit correctly in the last two and a half years, your Shepard should be posted. If you didn't do the text box correctly, it was deleted.

Probably about 30 new ME1 and 50 new ME2 saves were approved. Feel free to continue to submit, but again, it might be another year or two til I get around to approving more saves.

I also checked the email address for the site for the first time since then. It was mostly spam, and just a few things from the last year that I responded to. I'm sorry if I didn't respond to your email, most of the things I should have responded to were years old and probably not relevant. If you really need to get ahold of me, try @annakie on twitter.

So, really, what's up with ME3saves and Andromeda?
Well, we know enough about the story of Andromeda now to know that whatever you did in ME1/ME2/ME3 is probably not going to affect the story of Andromeda at all. There has been very little from Bioware about the state of save importing, but what we have heard basically makes it sound like ME3 --> Andromeda save importing won't be a thing.

It's possible that there will be importing from Andromeda to Andromeda 2, if Andromeda 2 becomes a thing. At that time, we can look and see if this site will be useful at all. However, with the success that was the Dragon Age Keep system, plus Gibbed's tools always getting more and more advanced, I'm skeptical if this saves format of a website will continue to be useful.

So, for right now, ME3saves isn't updated, still. I'm not sure if it will, again, because I don't have anyone willing to make the database for me and I'm not a coder. HOWEVER, ME1 and ME2 saves will continue to stay up and available for the forseeable future. It's only costing me the price of the domain renewals + yearly hosting, and not generating enough traffic for me to have to have an expensive hosting package. With the ads, it's actually just barely paying for itself, even last year at its lowest revenue ever. (It's so low I probably won't have to pay taxes on it, let's put it that way. :) )

I'm looking forward to Andromeda! Sorry I haven't taken as much care here as I could have, but I hope the site is still useful for you and will be for years to come.


The site was down for several hours last night because someone somewhere posted the Kabuto the Python N7 EP download link from this site somewhere and it had over 1800 downloads in a few hours, which sucked up over 250 gigs of bandwidth. My provider locked me out for a few hours, but it's all fixed now. I removed the download link for now, I will likely put it back up later. However, if you'd like to download the Kabuto the Python N7 EP, please do so here. Thanks!

Another update, I finally did the backlog of ME1 and ME2 save approvals. So there's around 50 new Shepards for each game out there now. I kind of slacked on the strict formatting requirements because I didn't feel like spending a few hours updating the formatting. Anyone who followed the format requests decently got approved. For those who entered text, probably about 85% were approved and posted. Thanks to everyone who submitted saves!

And last, what is up with Well here's the thing. My friend who coded the databases for ME1 and ME2 is too busy with his 3 kids and important job to do ME3 saves. I, however, cannot afford to hire someone else to do it who wouldn't accept a paltry sum for such a thing. My friend tells me it's not hard, just a bit time consuming. I'm just kind of stuck, not knowing what to do about it. I want to get it up and running, but I'd need to find someone I trust to do so and haven't yet. So it's been sitting there for an unacceptable amount of time. I'm going to put some thought and effort into it soon. Sorry it's taken this long.

I'll try to post an update again before another year and a half goes by. :)


Nov. 4, 2012
Okay, I know I haven't been around in forever, sorry but here is some REALLY HUGE NEWS you guys.
There is now a ME3 HAPPY ENDING MOD (still a WIP) Here's the video showcasing the changes. Only works for PC, sorry console players

Give the creators of this project all your love and support for removing the StarChild and giving the ending a lot of us wanted.


* Here's a post on how to fix your ME2 to ME3 facecode issues.
* If you're trying to reinstall ME1 and are having problems with Bring Down the Sky, check this post out.


* Hey did you hate the endings of Mass Effect 3 as much as I did? Consider joining this Facebook Page and/or following their Twitter to get organized into asking Bioware for DLC with better endings! 3/10/12
* Most updates have been happening over on as I have been struggling to keep up with everything there.
* In the last couple of days we've been mentioned by The Escapist, Eurogamer, Rock Paper Shotgun and more! Check out the Media Mentions Page under the 2012 mentions for more!


* EA Posted this handy ME3 Save Import FAQ which will surely make my life easier in the coming days, and hopefully yours!
* The ME3 Demo and Trailer Screenshots Gallery has been updated with screenshots of a Manshep romancing Ashley and the newest ME3 trailers!
* Also, I got a new video card over the weekend, so of course I replayed the Demo and took even prettier screenshots of a Femshep/Kaidan playthrough. My ME3 screenshots are going to be SO MUCH BETTER than ME2.
* On a related note, I am looking for suggestions for a good photo editing software which is VERY GOOD FOR TAGGING. I need something that made tagging more than an afterthought. Someone please email me with a suggestion. I'm willing to spend $30ish on the software if needed.
* Need some suggestions on keeping busy over the next 3 days til launch? (HOLY CRAP ONLY 3 DAYS TIL LAUNCH OMG!). If you're on tumblr, follow Fuck Yeah, Bioware!, a blog that a couple of friends and I run! :)
* New links on the texture mods page, how to get all the ME1 characters, including Garrus, to have a high-res face without using Texmod, and a high-res texture pack for ME2!


* Bluefall over at the Mass Effect Livejournal Community made this in-depth post about save importing and why even if you import a modded save, you shouldn't have any problems with the ME3 import.
* If you missed yesterday's chat Bioware had with Raphael Sbarge (Kaidan Alenko), you can view it here.
* Adam WarRock released a 5-song Mass Effect themed EP. It's quite excellent, and it features our buddy Kabuto the Python!


* I'm sure you've all seen the Take Back the Earth trailer by now. We've added almost 200 screenshots of the trailer to the the ME3 Screenshot Gallery for you to use for whatever!
* I'm looking for a couple of people with PS3's to help test this out to see if it would be possible and plausible to get some PS3 saves up. I don't own a PS3, so I need a couple of volunteers who are able to follow the instructions in that link, trade saves, and see if this will work for PS3. Or, if anyone knows of an easier way, let me know! Either way, please email
* Last but not least, check out this incredible Mass Effect Fan Film. Well worth your time to watch it! :)


* Thanks @SpadesGT for letting me know that was mentioned on the Rebel FM podcast last week! A link has been added to the Media Mentions page!


* With the release of the ME3 demo today, over 1580 new screenshots have been added to a Mass Effect 3 Demo set in the Screenshots Gallery! These pics so far are of a default Femshep (Sentinel) with Kaidan alive.


* The Xbox360 page has been updated with a link to a page allowing you to convert ME2 PC saves to 360 and vice versa! This is BIG EXCITING news! This means, 360 users, that is now useful for you as well, if you follow the steps in both of the links on the 360 page!
* New link added to the links page - with links to updated versions of gibbed's savegame editor, a display name editor and some interesting posts. Also added updated gibbed's links to the mods page under Tools & Downloads.

* exists, and submitting new Shepards IS FIXED. Please visit and read the front page for important information for Mass Effect 2 Saves!
* Yes, I saw that Bioware is suggesting that we keep our Mass Effect 3 Saves. is also now in my possession. I'd guess that we'll have something up and running for ME3 imports a month or so after ME3 is released.
* I've noticed a few copycat sites opening up taking content from my sites and trying to steal my hits or whatever, all 3 .com domains are mine - none of the others are! We're dealing with the stolen content issues by legal means at this point.

* One new link on the links page, to a site with awesome Mass Effect checklists of both games.
* A couple of new links on the textures page

* Shepard submissions for ARE FIXED. You can submit Mass Effect 1 Shepards from this page again! Remember to completely fill out the text box field with the required information and *not* by just copy/pasting the questions.

* Updates continuing this weekend! If you have a fansite, or a major project related to Mass Effect in any way that you'd like more exposure for, feel free to email, AIM: AnnakieSA, or Tweet me. Now is the perfect time since I'm actually paying attention. :D
* One new Midgame Save today, a Female Renegade Engineer romancing Kaidan!
* Updated links page with better organization and links to two awesome new fansites!

* Yes, updates. For reals.
* All midgame saves received in the past 10 months should be up now. There are now some duplicates since people had sent in so many since I last updated. There are EIGHTEEN new midgame save packages for a total of 35. Everyone who submitted one, thank you so much! I'm sorry I didn't get back to you individually. You all are awesome!
* MODS. Really! New Mods! Under Coalasced, look for "Shepard's Excellence" + "The Graphics Mod of Most Paramount" both by Nero11873, and "Infiltarater and Vangaurd Overhaul" by Lance. Under Textures, look for "Miranda's Biker Chick Texture" by theandroids.
* Spork and I are going to try to not only finish site updates this weekend, but try to get Shepard Submissions back up and running. We've both committed to getting it done this weeked unless something goes terribly wrong. Sorry again for the long absence, there was some burnout, and some Doctor Who drawing my attention and real life, and well, you know how it goes. But now there's only less than 5 months to go until ME3 and we're going to be ready for it! :)

* There are Seventeen gifts now on the MESS Gallery! There's some awesome stuff to see, go look! Also... there might be... another Skoolmunkee surprise on the way next week. Keep an eye on the MESS gallery!
* Hoping to get emails answered and other pages updated sometime this week. The holidays have been pretty crazy.

* There are now 6 gifts on the MESS page, with like, 21 more to come! Also it now has tables and thumbnails and fancy stuff, thanks to skoolmunkee!
* There are now 19 mid-game saves on the midgame saves page!
* A new humor page: Holiday Humor! Read all about how Zaeed stole Christmas and Shepard the Human Spectre.

* Over at Something Awful, I cooridinated a Mass Effect Secret Santa (MESS) in the Mass Effect thread. Both physical gifts and e-gifts were created and sent, but everything had to be Mass Effect related. Gifts have just started to be received and posted, and there is now a gallery of what has been received so far here. Even though there's just two items so far, they are both AWESOME and you should check them out. More gifts will be posted as people report what they received in the Mass Effect 2 thread on Something Awful. I'll post more reminders here every few days, but keep checking back because there's like 25 more gifts to go!

* I'd also like to remind people that I am always happy to host any Mass Effect mods or other awesome projects you do AS LONG AS THEY ARE LEGAL and generally safe for work. If you've done something awesome related to Mass Effect and want some more publicity for them, just email or IM me and we can talk about hosting. Most of what I have here is because I went and found it myself. I'm sure there's so much more I could be helping with if I only knew it existed! I still get a few thousand hits per day here. The site could be even better if you help me out!

* In case you somehow missed it, View the Mass Effect 3 announcement trailer here. Some goons I know have been making hilarious TubeDubs of the trailer. I love them.
* Congrats to Mass Effect / Bioware for their wins at the VGAs - Studio of the year for Bioware, BEST XBOX 360 GAME,and BEST RPG for Mass Effect 2 !
* Mass Effect 2 also won a ton of IGN awards- Best Xbox360 game, best story for both PC and 360... I dunno a whole lot of them.

* Mass Effect 3 Spoiler News. Remember to turn in to Spike tomorrow night for a Bioware official announcement during the video game awards. (Hint: It's almost definitely ME3.)
* Congrats to Mass Effect 2 for wining 5 Game Focus awards.

* The mods page has been split up into 4 different pages because the one page was so big, ugly and undweildy. Hopefully this will make it easier to find the mods you're looking for!
* I messed up and missed one of GeneralFai's chatlogs. Chatlog 3 is brand new, what was once chatlog 3 is now 4, and what was 4 is now 5. Find them on the humor page!
* We're getting a lot of downloads on the new midgame saves page! But only two other people have offered saves. Could you help your fellow gamers out and take a few minutes to check out the midgame saves page and see if you can help send in some Shepards, please? :)

* New Headmorph from Digital Scumbag over on the mods page - a female Shepard that uses Ashley's face texture and a mod-in only hairstyle.

* Big New Page Announcement: By popular demand, I'm starting a page of limited number of Mid-game Mass Effect 1 Saves. I'm only accepting one of each Gender/Class/Alignment/Romance type. If you'd like to participate, please read the instructions at the top of the page. If you want to pick up a ME1 game somewhere in the middle, go here.
* Two new Cerberus Chatlogs over in the Humor section!
* In the mods section, two new entries -- one on how to mod Liara into your entire ME2 game (sort of!) and adding a new "minigun" into the game.

* Will try and get more done over the weekend, but today we have a new section of Mods - Headmorphs. We have three unique Shepard headmorphs Frank, Lee and Jane. All headmorphs require Gibbed's savegame editor to work.
* If you have UNIQUE headmophs, that is ones that you can't get just by entering the right codes into the character creation screen, feel free to send them. If it's something you can get via the character creation screen, please keep submitting those to Mass Effect 2 Faces.+-

* Three new updates to the Mods page, an update to Dog Kisser's Ammo Mod for 1.02, A new version of Maxatv's Super Mod, and a retexture for Jack's Shirt!
* Yeah, there are ads on the site and no more paypal donations. Please see the New State of the Site Address which addresses this issue.

* I am very happy to have a new page on the site: Humor! Our first feature is GeneralFai's Cerberus Chatlogs. I'll be posting more of these in the next couple of days. Thanks, GeneralFai for letting me host these here! :) (They do contain some NSFW language, you have been warned.)
* Something Awesome: a link to the ME2 to ME1 Face Code Converter
* Just a reminder, the links page has all links to all sorts of information all over the internet about Mass Effect, you might find something you're looking for (or at least something entertaining) there!
* Other pages updated: screenshots (updated info), Submission page for both ME1 and Mass Effect 2 (even more reminders about the text box field added, ENJOY!)
* Just a few days left til the Liara / Shadow Broker DLC! Don't have a Liara romance save and want to see how the romance plays out? We have plenty of Liara Romance endgame saves over at Mass Effect 2 Saves.

* A few more links on the Mods page - How to figure out how to recreate a ME1 face in ME2, Ammo Regen mod for 1.02, and a random face code generator.

* Over 1500 new screenshots uploaded to the screenshots gallery! I consider the Mass Effect 2 Screenshots gallery effectively done for awhile now, as there are now screenshots from two seperate playthroughs there, one paragon and one renegade. There are now over 10,800 screenshots to browse!
* One new mod (an expanded version of ModA) uploaded to the Mods page today! page, and a couple of links to help you find more mods!
* A couple of new links added to the links page, including a link to a flow chart to help you save or kill your teammates in the endgame!
* And as a reminder, if you're going to submit a Shepard, please, please read the submission guidelines, especially what goes in the Text Box field! Thank you!

* XBOX360 users (or people who know xbox 360 ME2 players) - There is a link on the XBOX 360 page that will explain to you how to mod your 360 saves!
* If you've submitted a save correctly, your save should be posted now. Also, made some requested fixes and additions to older saves. (Trying to work through my emails.)
* Our friends over at Mass Effect 2 Faces are back up and running.
* A few updates over on the links page. A neat video talking about the science of Mass Effect 2 and a link to a post explaining how your backstory choices effect your Shepard.
* I recently finished uploading screenshots from my Female Paragon Vanguard runthrough. Everything but a few pieces of DLC is completely covered now. There are over 9,200 screenshots now to use for whatever you'd like (including some from ME1, as well.) I will continue to upload more as I make my way through both games again. Visit the screenshots page to learn more.
* I updated the FAQ.

* Mass Effect 2 Faces is currently down, I've spoken to the site's owner and he's aware. It's a problem with his hosting company. The site will be back up ASAP!

* Still playing catchup. All Shepards have been approved (or rejected and emails sent where possible), working on catching up on email.
* The links and mods pages have been updated with new links and such!
* has a new save added. The site IS still being worked on. Maybe it'll be ready for the next expansion... haha. :p

* Kasumi is here! Here's the link to buy the DLC!

* Sorry it's been awhile since updates, life has been busy. New Shepards have continued to be approved about once a day in this time (except for a few days when I was sick.)
* Links & Info page updated with lots of new links, like how to kill almost everyone off and still have Shepard survive, some new youtube videos, and other fun information!
* Hey UKers, today has ME2 for only 12.99 pounds. Yeah, sorry, I don't know how to make my American keyboard do that pounds sign thingy.
* One thing I think is interesting is how at we're now starting to get in a lot of saves from people who downloaded a save from here, played through the game and are now uploading the save to me2saves. So, if you have a ME1 save submitted, you may already be able to see how your Shepard has lived on and evolved in someone else's hands. :) I can't even count the number of downloads we've had (but I'd place the number at over 150,000 at an educated guess). So, if you've submitted a save, know that you've helped at least dozens and maybe hundreds of others.

* Maxatv's mod now has a readme included.
* Our buddy Falken has a new Fan trailer out!
* New link to an interesting interview on the Science of Mass Effect.
* Screenshots gallery has been updated with almost the entire game completed. Just 2 loyalties and the endgame remain for ME2!
* Before you install the new DLC, it may be a good idea to back up your coalesced.ini file, if you have it modded.

* New Mod today! Maxatv's Super Mod for v1.01!
* Also updated mods page with a link to TexMod and the Bioware Texture Modders Group.

* Busy weekend for me, sorry for the lack of updates.
* Updated the links page with a new presentation with Christna Norman about ME3 game devlopment, some more helpful information and an interview with Jennifer Hale.
* Updated the mods section with lots of new links to various mods.
* Updated the Screenshots gallery with a couple thousand new screenshots. Now over 6,700 screenshots!

* New song by Kabuto the Python - The Good Stuff!
* New DLC out today, if you've got the Cerberus network, Go here to download the Cerberus Arc Projector!

* ME2 is today's Amazon Deal of the day! If you haven't yet, you can now buy ME2 for only $29.99!
* In case you didn't notice up there at the top, IS NOW LIVE!!
* I've gotten the Mass Effect 2 saves site to almsot the state I consider complete, worked on that most of the night. Updated its submission page and created an import walkthrough for ME2 saves.
* Mods page updated with a link to a new Coalasced.ini editor.
* Ever want to see who Samara was modeled after?

* Yesterday my hosting provider moved us to a new server. While doing this they broke Shepard Downloads for ~7 hours. Sorry for the inconvenience guys. Currently, submitting a new Shepard is still broken. Spork is working on fixing this.
* New article on the Links page: D&D Tips from Mass Effect 2. Also posted some other helpful information there I had no better place to put.
* Screenshots Gallery updated with Garrus' loyalty & the beginning of Thane's Loyalty.

* BIG ANNOUNCEMENT #1: This weekend for sure we'll have live.
* BIG ANNOUNCEMENT #2: We're now also working on, just in time for the expansion coming out! Joakim is working on the web design, I'm working on designing the database & Spork will work on creating it over the weekend!
* Two new links in the mods section, one will fix Garrus' face in Mass Effect 1, the other will show you how to mod out the UI in ME2 for screenshotting purposes.

* Mods page updated with links to NarfGarg's Mass Effect 2 Mods and RoadCrewWorker's Mass Effect 2 Coalesced.ini Mod Manager. I also need someone who knows how to update mods for ME2 v. 1.01 to help update some of the mods, can anyone help with this? You'll get credit for your work. Thanks!
* Links page much better organized now. Would love to link to your ME2 project if you want me to. I'm still getting thousands of hits here per day, so please send in your projects!
* Almost 5,000 screenshots up in the screenshots gallery now!
* This has nothing to do with Mass Effect, but it's my site so I'm gonna post it anyway. :D if you play D&D, here's a post I made about playing D&D on hexes and some of the tools we use in the games I DM & play in. There's some downloads that may help you with your game.

* It's been a long time since I updated the news, eep! I actually did do it one day then forgot to update the file. Then I deleted it. Good job, Annakie.
* In the last two days I've added or changed information on almost every page. We've also gotten in about 10 new Shepards. I also started archiving the news off this page into a new news archive page. The old news archive still exists as well.
* I've been working hard at the screenshots gallery (Well, yes this means playing the game as well.) There are now almost 4,000 high quality screenshots of about half the game so far for you to browse and download for whatever you'd like.
* Major overhaul to the on the way. I'm going to link to whatever I find on the internet relating to ME2 that I think is awesome. If you want your project linked, let me know. If I link to you and you don't want me to, let me know.
* New link on the mods page for Bravenu3's commented list of extracted audio files for out-game listening.

* StrudelMan's mods have been updated for the new patch. Links to both v.1.00 and 1.01 versions are available on the mods page.
* Working on seeing if we can get the rest updated for v.1.01 also.
* Spork prettied up the Shepards pages today, they're all a lot more consistent with each other and with the site overall now.
* New project in the works: The Screenshot Project. Just starting it now, but I'm working my way through a second playthrough screenshotting as much as possible. I'll be tagging and uploading screenshots as I go through. I already have over 1,200 Screenshots going up on my Flickr account in the next couple of days (And I've just barely made it to Horizon so far.) You can download any you want in up to 1680 x 1050 quality. Here's the Gallery but I suggest searching by tags.

* NEW! My friend Falken made an epic Female Shepard Mass Effect 2 Fan video! Check it out here and tell him what a great job he did!
* Guys we are really close to having going live for real. Spork completed the beta database last night. I need to work on the submission page and we may need to tweak the thing a bit but we're close!
* Here's a Youtube video all about how to make ME2 run better for you!

* BIG EXCITING NEWS TODAY: The Autosubmit page is LIVE as well as the Shepards Database! Please check out the Mod / Save Submit Page for more information. If you've been holding off sending in a Shepard, because writing emails is hard and you don't want me to have your email address anyway, here's your chance to shine.
Please note: I have to manually approve all Shepards, so they will NOT show up right away, and also I will delete any jackassery that is submitted to me before anyone sees it. :)
* This also means that Spork is hard at work on the Mass Effect 2 saves database. The more hockey is shown on TV, the harder Spork will work!

* If you've submitted a save to me ANYTIME IN THE LAST MONTH AND A HALF they should be inthe DB unless they were unusable for some reason. Please do not re-submit a Shepard.
* If you find something wrong with your Shepard, please shoot me an email. If your Shepard is named John (and maybe Jane), I'm going to need a LOT of details to find them, but the submision date that shows up on the character's profile will be pretty much required. There are about 32 different Johns submitted.
* About 15 new Shepards are now live because of the Database going live!

* Gibbed's Audio Extractor has been added to the mods page.
* SUNDAY I'll be unveiling the (beta version) of the self-submit page! We're hard at work doing stuff on the back-end stuff. Sorry it's hard to see right now.
* Some fans have created a campaign to as Bioware to remove helmets from the DLC armors. I heartily endorse this cause, because I'd really like to wear my DLC armor, too, but I'd rather see my Shepard's face! Throw in your support here!
* Sorry, no updates Saturday, ran out of time IRL to get them done.

* It's a slow news day in the Mass Effect world. Except for, you know, the Raloi. Anyway, if you have any news or announcements related to ME2 you'd like me to metion, just shoot me an IM or an email! Also, I am offering to host your mods if you've got 'em, so check out the Mod / Save Submit Page and send 'em in! :)

* New mods today: StrudelMan's outfits without Ammo Regen & a Coalesed.ini compiler tool. Check them out!

* We're so close to having the ME1 auto-submit ready. Only need to finish adding all the Male Paragons / Liara into the DB. Yay! Thanks again to Adonro and Corrodias for their help!
* Hey modders, anybody able to remove the helmets from the DLC armors? Lots of people would LOVE to have that mod! Send it my way if you do!

* Mith86 combined his and StrudelMan's mods - Check them out in the mods page!
* Please note I will host ME1 / ME2 mods if they are not very big. Details for submitting your mods on the mods page.
* Okogawa's guide to gibbed's Savegame Editor now links to a HTML page that VesperKnight oat masseffectfaces is hosting.

* Awesome new mod today: Strudel Man's Alternative Outfits & Armor.
* Got a user request today: Shepard with the background of the default storyline (Earth born/Sole Survivor) that romanced Ashley. Anyone out there have one of those? Send it, please!

* New mod from mith83, weapon/armor loadout with soft mod stuff added in (no keybindings)
* Worked hard on getting old saves + all new ones lately into the Database. (Thanks for help, Falken and RoryGilmore). We only have the following left to do as of today: MP/L (all), MR (all), FP/N and FP/L!
* Posted a link to 159 Screenshots I took on Twitter. If someone starts a torrent of this, let me know. I finished ME2 for the first time today. I'm planning on screenshotting my way all the way through it now.
* Hey anyone know if it's possible to re-skin Thane as Kaidan? I want to do this for my next run (or the one after.) :)

* I lied, I couldn't not link to this song -
Kabuto the Python - Those Minerals (Warning: explicit lyrics)
* Updated & fixed versions of Mith86's mods have been uploaded. The kbcw / kbcwa / kbcwal all didn't include the key binding part of the mods but the new versions do.
* More user-submitted awesomeness: SSV Normandy's destruction set to the music of Battlestar Galactica.

* LOTS of new stuff up on the mods page. Check it out!
* Spork and I are both busy working on the ME2 Saves site. It'll be up soon!
* Work continues to progress in getting ME1 saves into the database. Thanks RoryGilmore & Corrodias for your help!
* I have found like 4 or 5 saves that got stuck in the spam folder, will have these up tonight.
* There will be no updates tomorrow, I'll be too busy.

* A new page has been put up to explain why I can't help ME2 on XBox 360 players. Sorry guys!
* Gibbed's savegame editor has been updated to link to version 2.5.
* Revised the saves submission questionairre to remove a couple of things that don't matter much in ME & add in a few that do matter a bit more.
* Another new page, a list of helpful links. If you have a link to add, let me know!
* Happy to say that we've started getting the current ME1 saves into the database. Spork is working on the ME2 submission form. It'll still be a few days until we're able to release stuff for everyone, though. It's coming soon!

* Big change on the back-end, we moved to php from html. Thanks Spork!
* New Shepards tonight: MP/A, two MM/L, MM/A, MR/L, MR/N
* Okogwa's guide to gibbed's savegame editor has been updated to v1.3, Check the mods page!

* The new site has launched!
* New Shepards: MP/L/60, MP/A, MR/A, FM, MP/L/50.
* Luca wrote in to tell me about this site, which explains how to get the Dr. Pepper DLC if you missed out. (Old site)News Archive

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